MAP Pricing

Due to various pricing we are only allowed to list such prices at a specified price by the manufacturer.  IF they allow us to go at a lower price then we can put an add banner at the top of our website to allow you to know that there is a special discount.   Certain items that are MAP priced may not qualify from further discounts or include shipping.   We reserve the right to allow or disallow free shipping.    Nothing is stopping you from calling us and see what the best price is on any item at any time.  In fact... some prices in our showroom are less than MAP price.   MAP price allows all people of any website to sell at the same price.   But hey.... give us a call at 231-773-0005 and find out what the best price is on that item and what we can do to have it shipped to you.    Some prices may be higher than OEM stated MAP price but you should call us.  More than likely you can get it at a better price.  Thanks again for shopping our store.