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Factory Team DR10 Lockout Slipper Clutch Team Associated 72026

$76.99 $89.99
SKU: ASC72026
Get the most out of your No Prep Drag Cars with the Factory Team Lockout Slipper Clutch!

Team Associated's FT Lockout Slipper Clutch dynamically and independently controls the amount of slip created during launch and when down the track at speed. The FT Lockout Slipper Clutch was designed by the best Area 51 Design Works' engineers to get you down the track!

Lockout adjustments are unlimited, depending on track conditions, amount of power, chassis setup, and throttle application.


  • CNC machined pressure plates and lockout arms
  • 3-pad slipper design
  • Fiberglass slipper pads are used to withstand additional forces created by the pressure plates
  • 4 lockout arms the feature tapped holes to customize counter weighting for specific track conditions
  • Includes different durometer lockout bands to customize delay of lockout arm engagement
  • Shorter slipper spring for easier tunability
  • Includes Octalock Spur Gear
  • For the DR10 series vehicles